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Through the development of relationships, especially where language, culture and time differences are present we alleviate the barriers to entry in Low Cost Country manufacturing bases. Our model is a fully operational outsourced procurement service that offers the most flexible, cost-effective and low risk solution to any other service provider in the same category. Aimed at mid-market wholesalers and retailers with a need to manage their Asian procurement, we control their supply chains at the source, through this service. This is a transparent and value driven supply chain offering full management procurement functions.

Through our trading division, we play a more engaged role within our client’s supply chains acting as contact point for all your sourcing needs.

Using our sourcing expertise and knowledge within certain product categories, we will work with our clients to identify, manage and deliver high quality goods at the best price. We also look for manufacturers with the required ethical and technical standards to ensure brand protection and maintain an ethically responsible supply chain.

This particular offering is more relevant to companies that do not have the need or resource to manage vendors at the source but see value more in utilising our expertise to manage their Asian manufacturing base through one contact point.

We work to provide a seamless service whilst mitigating the risk of Asian purchasing channels. We increase the level of communication, breaking down the language and cultural barriers that can so often result in miscommunication and problems when buying direct. In addition, we leverage off our vendor base and long term relationships that we have already developed to provide competitive pricing that a stand alone buyer may not necessarily be able to achieve.

We have a wide range of expertise in both hard (durable) and soft (non-durable) goods including but not limited to the following product categories:

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Warehouse Consumables


Retail Merchandising Products


Electronic Lighting Products


Non for Sale Goods

Fixtures, Fittings, Racking etc.


Indoor & Outdoor





Hair & Beauty


Building Supplies


What We Provide

We manage the whole process from end to end incorporating supplier identification through to shipment and clearance delivered to the point of destination. We have experience at working with OEM products, have our own quality assurance team for vendor and product audits, have a logistics department, understand customs requirements and search globally to best meet your needs.

Our service gives clients complete confidence across their supply chain, providing complete supplier management, so that through us they can match capabilities with expectations.